My really yummy breakfast!

I’ve really gotten into brown rice the last 5 years. I mean…hands down it really tastes a lot better than white rice, and SO much better for you!! When I was a child we used to eat “white” rice like a cereal, with milk and sugar. Last night I made up some short grain brown rice (bought in bulk at Whole Foods and kept in the fridge) to keep on hand and eat with milk and raisins…and another BONUS I discovered later (which is my new TREAT)!

1 cup organic short grain brown rice (I used Lundberg’s)
1 3/4 cup filtered water.

In saucepan bring water to boil,
add rice & cover with tight fitting lid,
Reduce heat to low.

Set the timer for 40-45 min & you’ll get perfect rice. The trick to making perfect rice is to make sure you don’t peek or stir the rice. Leave the lid closed!

Then I put 1/2 cup cooked rice in a bowl in the freezer to get it cold faster. Had it with milk later, but it just wasn’t as good as what I had this morning.

So for breakfast today…I mixed up:

1/2 cup cold brown rice
small handful organic raisins (about 20?)
generous sprinkle unsweetened coconut
1/2 tsp pure maple syrup
2 T walnuts diced small

Then I plopped in about 1/3 cup frozen organic mixed berries (Cascadian Farms from Costco) it was mostly blueberries. Stirred well so they started to thaw a bit and color the rice. Then I added 2 T of plain yogurt (Cascade Fresh from Whole Foods).

Mixed it all together. It was SOO good! Cold, the right amount of crunch, nuttiness from the rice, creamy, and sweet!

Cold brown rice kept in the fridge can also be pulled out for lunch….stir fry in skillet with a bit of soy sauce and an egg, some chopped veggies and make like a semi fried rice. YUM!!

Or tossed in with a wrap or salad. So many options!

OBSERVATIONS LATER: This has become a regular (daily) staple for me. I’ve reduced the maple syrup to just a drizzle (and it really is sweet enough without it due to the raisins). And I also leave out the nuts…I don’t miss ’em at all. This is a VERY filling meal or snack & just feels like a great healthy option.

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2 Responses to My really yummy breakfast!

  1. Elysa Mac says:

    My sister-in-law had found your blog thru my fb. Then today she returned the favor and sent me the link to this via fb. It looks really yummy and will have to try it some morning. I also LOVE brown rice and have a hard time figuring out why it is more costly when it actually requires less work to produce than white. Any ideas?

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