Quest for the perfect poppy seed dressing….minus the poppy seeds

Had another great salad today for lunch.  Yeah I know….I seem to be on a salad kick lately!!  I liked this one better than the one I had the other day.  I just recently started looking for a poppy seed dressing online.  A lot of the ones I’ve seen today had very similar ingredients to the zesty honey lime one that I made the other day. 

So I decided to take half of that dressing and jazz it up a bit.  I added 3 Tbsp of plain, whole yogurt, some more honey, another dash of horseradish mustard, couple dashes sea salt & pepper, and about a tsp of pure maple syrup.  Shook it all up in a small canning jar. 

It tastes really good, but one ingredient I keep seeing mentioned is orange juice so I can’t wait to add a bit of that.  Also……the elusive poppy seeds.  I just haven’t known where to look….anyone?  I’m going to do a google search. 

Salad ingredients today were:

Organic baby spinach
3 small clusters broccoli, cut small
1 T diced sweet onion
1 organic golden delicious apple, cut small
20 Newman’s own organic raisins (no I didn’t count!!)
1 T crumbled feta
1 T calamata olives, cut
1 T sunflower seeds
2 T maple sweetened & toasted walnuts (I did this myself in a skillet with butter and maple syrup)
3 T homemade NON-poppy seed dressing

I put all ingredients in a big bowl & added 2 T of dressing….put the lid on and shook to distribute dressing.  I tossed the salad onto the plate & added one more T of dressing.  It was the perfect mixture of sweet, crunchy, and certain bites had salty (from the olives & feta). 

I know this type of salad normally would be excellent with sliced strawberries or mandarin oranges, and I took a risk adding the greek ingredients (like olives and feta), but it really was AMAZING!!  It satisfied me for about an hour.  But I didn’t get super hungry, just ready for my afternoon Chai tea.  The taste lingered pleasantly though, and I could easily eat this for dinner.  Some extra protein would probably make it more filling…..chicken possibly?

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