Annie’s Organic Buying Club so…excited!!

Last week I finally joined Annie’s Organic Buying Club.  I had heard about it last August and though it definitely looked like a great deal for organic produce, I wanted to wait and re-work my food budget to include it.  Before I knew it….the holidays were upon us, and then we’ve had quite a bit of weekend travel as well as our big vacation.  I knew I’d join at some point, but it’s really something you have to  be prepped up and ready for.  When you have all those fresh veggies coming into the house…you need to have a plan, and I certainly didn’t want any of that precious produce going to waste!

At some point my mom joined up, and then a very good friend of mine.  I was excited to learn that there is a pick up spot right in MY neighborhood!!  Really…it couldn’t get any easier than that, could it?  And now I got to see the bounty in person…WOW…I couldn’t wait to have my turn!  I was so excited to pick up my share this past Tuesday.

Just look at all the gorgeous ORGANIC produce I got for only $45
I got 16 different types of produce: 8 vegetables and 8 fruit, and 34 actual items (counting the sugar snaps, cherries, berries, and grapes as 1 item each).  Can you see how large that butternut squash is?
I didn’t know what a fan I was of cherries until I tasted these sweet beauties.  Can you say YUM?? 
Look….NON-GMO corn…..what a rare thing indeed!!!!  This corn was SO sweet and juicy….unbelievably good!!
I’ll be getting a regular full share every other Tuesday, with a sneak peek of what will be included the Saturday before.  The items change depending on the season and what is available. 
Here’s a list of what I got this week:
Leafy vegetables
1 head romaine lettuce
1 bunch crispy kale
1 large bag spinach
very large butternut squash
6 ears corn
3 cucumbers
small bunch broccolette
half lunch bag sugar snap peas
large honeydew melon
2 lbs red seedless grapes
1 lb strawberries
6 oz. blueberries
6 red plums
2 lemons
6 bananas
1/4 lunch bag cherries
So much produce it filled 2 large reusable Whole Foods bags!!  Can you feel my excitement?

We’ve been eating small fruit salads everyday…SO GOOD!  The girls and I are in heaven.  I am loving the grapes!!  Organic grapes (if you can find them) are always so pricey!  I think the biggest surprise for me has been the sugar snap peas.  After rinsing these and biting into them RAW, I remembered the taste from my childhood.  We used to eat them right off the vine from my grandparent’s garden growing up.  The taste sure took me back!!

If you are local (in Florida), you should give Annie’s a try.  It is definitely a great value for the money.  It forces us to eat more fresh produce than we had been eating, as well as eating outside the box.  There are no strange veggies I have to figure out how to fix, and recipes accompany my share in an email.  Periodically (maybe seasonally) I’ll post on my share.  But you’ll definitely see these influencing some of my recipes and blog posts. 

What kinds of fruits and veggies are showing up at your farmer’s markets and in your CSA shares?

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9 Responses to Annie’s Organic Buying Club so…excited!!

  1. Alex@amoderatelife says:

    Hi! I see you started following me on twitter so I wanted to stop by and say hello! What a wonderful site you have! You are such a lucky girl to have a great organic buying club. I also have a CARE milk buying club and that is where i get my delightful dairy, eggs and meat. I have a local farmers market and also a local organic farm which is surprising here on long island. Next year, I hope to plant more, or join a CSA! Enjoy that yummy produce! Alex@amoderatelife

  2. Fresh Local and Best says:

    This is such a delight to see such beautiful food and hear the amazing flavor of good wholesome food. You are so lucky to have this option.

  3. Jessica says:

    WOW! What a great deal! All of the produce you got is beautiful!

  4. Stella says:

    Nice Denise! The food looks so good!
    I drove down to an organic farm near my house a couple of days ago. I found organic corn for 25 cents an ear! It was so delicious. The food is local and organic and super cheap-weird but great.
    I need to take a look at your rhubarb tart below…

  5. muskratbat says:

    I found some great produce at my local market. I posted about it on my blog. I also found sweet peas, well the sprouts, and they tasted just as fresh and sweet as the peas themselves. It inspired me to make a tasty dish.

  6. katiez says:

    Lucky you! You must live someplace with an all-year growing season to have cherries and grapes at the same time… and snap peas and butternut. It all looks gorgeous and what a treat to have it all organic and still looking perfect.

  7. spamwise says:

    Heirloom tomatoes are at their peak of season here in NYC. We've just started getting eggplant, sweet peppers and hot peppers, as well as figs. Peaches are on their way out. Apples are coming in by the dozens.

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  9. Alicia says:

    Even though this post is old thank you for posting pics of the actual share and showing how much was in it. Also the exact description of what you received and who much. I actually love that you started this 2 years ago and would like to know if you still are part of the Annie’s buying club. We are looking into it and it looked like it was great but they may have had growing problems and wonder ifafter two years you still love it.

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