Slow down you move too fast…..

You’ve got to make the morning last….and that’s exactly what I did this past Saturday morning. If you’re an active Instagram user and follow me there, then you’ve already seen these pictures. If not, you should join in the fun. Instagram is such a great way to keep up with peeps. And it’s not overly crowded yet like so many other social media sites….yet!

I finally set out on an adventure I’ve been wanting to take forever. And it’s only around the corner from my house. Why’d it take me so long? I don’t know…..any reason you can think of and none at all. But you know as moms sometimes it’s hard to carve out time for certain things. Knowing this would take place on a Saturday morning already limited me….add in kayaking last fall and then the holidays, well….no more excuses! The time is NOW!!

Just like I fell hard for kayaking, this bike ride cinched the deal! I mean who wouldn’t want to sail through this oasis. It’s been teasing me all along. I can see this very boardwalk from the road, and I travel home this way from church at least twice a week. Oh yes, I’ve been taunted…..

Now you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be back out here regularly!! If I have to set my alarm and get up with the birds, then that’s exactly what I’ll do. Did I mention this is all in my backyard? Literally… I hop on my bike…right around the corner! BEST PART ~ no traffic to deal with. This paradise is tucked away, and most don’t even know it’s here. Shh…it’s my best kept secret!

I rode along and was able to really HEAR myself! I had TIME to let my thoughts just wander, meander and sometimes sit for a spell. I could hear the sounds of nature all around. I was completely and utterly ALONE which is how it is if I kayak alone. Must be one of the reasons I love both of these activities SO much. The quiet…the peace. Though kayaking with a friend is even better…..we get time to just be “girls” instead of moms and so much time to talk UNINTERRUPTED!

I’m so excited that I now have two hobbies I find equally satisfying….and it’s purely a BONUS that there is exercise involved. I clocked my trip yesterday on the way home from church and found out that I biked 10 miles roundtrip Saturday. Took me an hour and 20 minutes but that includes time to stop and snap pictures, and share via instagram. And also time to just sit and take in my surroundings for a few minutes, RELAX and just BE!

Hubby and I went out later that afternoon and picked up a few things to make my ‘time out’ more enjoyable. I wanted a basket for the front of my bike, but ended up with a nice weatherproof pouch to put on my handlebars. I’ll be able to store my phone, water, cash and other essentials without wearing them on my back in a backpack. He also picked out a nice side basket for the back and a bike lock so that if I desire to stop in at Publix to pick up a few things I’d have a place for them. Yes…I know I’m blessed. There’s a Publix grocery right there along my path. It’s about 3 miles from home, and I have two others even closer.

One thing I noticed (which is why I wanted to share this adventure with you and why the title popped in my head while riding) is that all the other bikers I noticed while I was out were all on triathlon bikes. I have nothing against triathletes, and hubby spent 4 years running marathons and competing in triathlons……but when you’re on one of those “fast” bikes….the world just WHIZZES past. I think we spend too much time bouncing here and there, life moves too fast as a rule… why am I going to opt for a “fast” activity? As a nature girl, I find I’m drawn to activities that get me OUT IN NATURE….I don’t want to “hurry it up.”

What about you? What activities do you like? Anything activities come to mind you think I’d like?

P.S. I’m happy to report that I already went out on another bike ride this morning!!

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7 Responses to Slow down you move too fast…..

  1. Pam says:

    Great photos. What a great way to spend the morning.

    I just bought a new cruiser bike and went on a long and slow bike ride with my kids last night. It was wonderful!
    Pam recently posted..Garlic Basil Shrimp with Penne in a Spicy Basil Marinara

  2. Viveca says:

    I also love to ride my bike. I try to ride on a Saturday or Sunday morning since I have to be at work early Monday through Friday. I wasn’t able to ride for a while, and really missed it!

    My ride is usually about 1 hour. I listen to my mp3player and sing along as I ride. I have a route that I usually take, but sometimes I reverse it or deviate slightly. Your route looks so much prettier–I will have to try it. Maybe I’ll finally get around to putting my bike rack on my car, and I can meet you at your place so that we can ride together!

    I have a little pack on the back of my bike that zips up. I keep my cell phone, emergency contact information, and emergency bike tire repair stuff.

    I have a light on the front and back of my bike in case I decide to take an evening ride and it starts to get dark before I return home. I also have a bell, but that broke a couple of weeks ago. I need to get a new one because it is an easy way for me to let people on the path ahead know that I’m approaching.

    Some day I also want to ride my bike along the public path, in front of the mansions, on Palm Beach Island!

  3. Eva says:

    I have a great park that I ride through when I ride to work, and there is the lake shore that just transports me to another time and place. Bike riding is really such fun!
    Eva recently posted..May 2-4 (we say two-four) weekend

  4. katie says:

    So true… I am learning to slow down and really enjoy life. It’s a difficult thing to do, but I’m working on it. I love going for bike rides! I hopped on my bike last night to find that I had a flat tire. 🙁 Off to the store today to go get a new tire! Love the pictures–your bike rides look so much more picturesque than mine (surrounded by endless cookie cutter houses). lol
    katie recently posted..Grilled Italian Sausage w/ Grilled Sweet Peppers

  5. Beautiful trail to lose yourself in! Quiet is a very good thing — I call it my no input time — no music, talk radio, phone calls, computer, or reading, nothing coming in, just being. Sometimes that happens on my deck while lying in the sun, or on a walk/hike, but doing something active helps. Thanks for sharing the photos!
    Judy@Savoring Today recently posted..Black Bean Confetti Salsa and Memorial Day Menu Ideas

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  7. Nikky Wales says:

    I love riding bikes but I am scared also because it accident is usually terrible so I am very careful whenever I’m riding.
    Nikky Wales recently posted..The Ten Health Benefits of Lettuce

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