Need healthy living motivation & accountability? Join us!!

You want in on a little secret? I have something exciting to share with you! It’s something you guys can jump in on if you have a few holiday pounds to lose, have set weight loss goals for yourself or need some encouragement and accountability in meeting your goals. I’ve been joining in with an incredible group of ladies over my friend Kim’s blog each week. Kim started up a weight loss and encouragement group over at her little place in cyberspace….At Home with Kim. Kim is such a natural motivator, is super friendly and created a Facebook page where we could all meet and share with one another.

It’s evolved into a place where we share photos of our meals to give ideas to each other, share tips to encourage each other, and report our fitness and weight loss goals. I love that notifications pop up on my phone throughout the day from this group because it’s a reminder to me of what I’m striving for.

My healthy living goals are:

1) To fit in exercise 3 times a week ~ exercise can be FUN!
2) To drink 6-8 glasses of water a day
3) To track my food intake over at My Fitness Pal ~ to stay within the calorie count I’ve set for myself in order to learn and stay within portion control.
4) Increase my fruit and vegetable intake while learning what foods my body can tolerate and stay away from the foods it can’t*
5) Lose 8 pounds and strive to keep it off

A few of my new weight loss friends are also over at My Fitness Pal, as well as many “in real life” friends. It’s been neat to share and view each other’s food diaries. It gives us food ideas. I’ve told you about My Fitness Pal before. You can join up on their website, but they also have an app for your smartphone, ipod touch or ipad. You track all the food you eat, and set a calorie goal that you want to meet but not exceed each day. I set my calorie goal at 1,300 calories a day which should give me a 1-2 pound loss a week, and I am SHOCKED and DELIGHTED at how much food that actually is! But the key for me is eating REAL food. I eat full-fat, use butter and I believe that’s the key in staying full from my meals.

If you’re over there, let me know so we can friend each other!! Oh yeah, and don’t worry….it doesn’t share your weight with your friends, and you can opt to keep your food diary private. I’ve opted to have my food diary open to my friends because it makes it more fun, and gives me new ideas. 😉

So what do you think? What are your healthy living goals? Want to join us? Just let me know in the comments if you want to join in, and then head on over to Kim’s site and say Hi! And remember….let me know if you’re on My Fitness Pal, and want to friend each other there. Come find me….I’ll be looking out for you!

* I’ll be sharing my food tolerances and intolerances in an upcoming post! I’m curious to hear others journeys with food intolerances. Also, this Monday is Secret Recipe Club time….so check back for a new recipe on the site!

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4 Responses to Need healthy living motivation & accountability? Join us!!

  1. Thanks so much for linking up!! LOVE your post and I’m so grateful you’re a part of the community. You are such an encourager. Love your goals… they are challenging and realistic. Love your blog and love that you are sharing your journey along with your great recipes!!! Hugs Friend!!
    Kim | At Home With Kim recently posted..Weigh~In Wednesday: “Perfect Imperfection”, a Guest Post

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