Pigs in blankets…..a childhood favorite!

Pigs in blankets

I know this hardly qualifies as a recipe post, but I can’t resist sharing them with you. It was quite by accident I discovered making these at home because I usually don’t buy crescent roll dough. I try to make as much from scratch as possible, and it never occurred to me to try making pigs in blankets with pizza dough. Maybe you’ve thought of it….I know simple, right?….and I’m just late to the game, but when I came up with these this past winter I was super excited! And my kids were too!

For one…I love pigs in blankets. Who doesn’t? It’s a childhood favorite, and just like when I was a kid….my girls love them too. The times I’ve tried the pre-made pigs in blankets at parties, I’ve come away feeling disappointed. Actually, if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t like the taste AT ALL. There was a wierd aftertaste. Is it just me??

So as I’ve said…super easy! Just buy your favorite hot dogs…I happen to LOVE Applegate Farms because I try to go as natural and humane as possible. We could get into the whole “hot dogs are definitely processed food” conversation, but I happen to love the taste of the Applegate Farms ALL beef hot dogs….and the fact they are only 70 calories each is a huge bonus. Every package I’ve looked at lately has most hot dogs anywhere between 150-170 calories each.

Applegate Farms beef hot dogs

Many of you know I got hooked on Chicago Dogs this past October, and so these Applegate Farms hot dogs are a staple in my fridge. I just can’t help myself! So back to the pigs…..I cook up the package of hotdogs in a skillet on the stove (or you could throw them on the grill). After they are done and cooled…I cut each hot dog in half and then cut each half into half….think quarters. Each quarter dog I wrapped a small segment of pizza dough around. A fun activity to get your kids involved if you want. Then bake for about 20 minutes or so at 400 until the dough is all puffy and golden and toasted. You’ll know when they’re done!

Eat them plain or try them with ketchup, mustard or any variety of dipping sauces that you like to make. I lean toward the plain old ketchup route. Nothing like the tang of good ketchup, right? I hope you buy the kind without the high fructose corn syrup added….if not, try to become a purist. It’s much more common on the grocery store shelves now, and tastes so much better. Even our local Publix has a store brand without it. Your taste buds will thank you!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post by Applegate Farms, just sharing with you all my love of the Applegate Farms products. All items were purchased by me.

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3 Responses to Pigs in blankets…..a childhood favorite!

  1. Denise, what a fun idea! Who doesn’t LOVE pigs in a blanket? After watching Food, Inc though I cannot eat/serve traditional hotdogs. So totally agree about Applegate…. I’ve read/watched videos on how they raise and process the animals and it’s the best. And I love the idea of using pizza dough!!! Hope your summer is off to a great start Friend!!!

  2. Barb says:

    Yum! My family loves these, and those hot dogs. 🙂 Love the pizza dough idea, last time I made them I made pretzel dough, and sprinkled with sea salt and poppy seeds. Love your blog, and ideas. Happy Summer!

  3. Alina Sinitiere says:

    Looks awesome and it’s pretty simple 🙂
    Alina Sinitiere recently posted..pierścionki

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