Chicken and cheese quesadillas & toaster oven LOVE!

Chicken & cheese quesadillas

Ever looking for something easy to feed the kids? A meal that will satisfy you and hubby but isn’t long and involved, and will leave you with a lot of time left in your evening? These quesadillas are perfect for a night you don’t feel much like cooking, but still gives that wow factor for your children. Sometimes I feel funny calling these types of meals recipes because really it’s just a food idea.

These chicken and cheese quesadillas can be made with leftover chicken, a rotisserie chicken you pick up on the way home or the way I go about it….just a quick 30 minutes in my Kenmore elite convection toaster oven, and I have baked chicken ready for any recipe or to eat as is. I haven’t had a chance to tell you about my new toaster oven. Of course by now I’ve had it for over a year ever since my first Kenmore trip to Chicago. We were able to select a small appliance, and then were gifted with it. While many wanted the Kenmore stand mixer….I’d had a good quality toaster oven on my list for quite some time.

I have to say this kitchen appliance has revolutionized my life! Not an understatement. Especially in the heat of summer as we’re in now….I go MANY days without turning on my conventional oven. I’ve been wanting to share mine with you for a long time. Do you have a toaster oven? Have you ever wanted one?

I use mine for everything….toast (put away my regular toaster), heating up all leftovers without the mushiness you get from the microwave, baked potatoes, anything you would broil in the oven I broil in my toaster oven….nachos (easy for my kids to make in the toaster oven!), quesadillas, tostadas, etc. I also bake chicken…it’s so easy to pop in my chicken breasts, hit bake at 350 and 30 minutes later I have perfectly cooked chicken breasts. It’s the only way I make bacon anymore. SO EASY!!

I just cut bacon in half and place it on a rack…all the grease drips down and the bacon gets nice and crispy. It only takes 2 times through the 15 minute broil function. In 30 minutes I have perfectly cooked bacon while I go about making biscuits or pancakes. It’s how we make all our bacon for our camping trips. I broil portabella mushroom caps, make all kinds of easy snacks for the kids, and it’s an easy way for them to learn to cook. I LOVE MY KENMORE ELITE CONVECTION TOASTER OVEN!!

So back to these quesadillas. You can make them in your toaster oven under broil and flip them halfway through (healthier way and easy for kids to do), or you can add a little oil in a skillet and pan fry them up a bit for a bit more of a restaurant type of quesadilla. I just add taco seasoned sliced chicken and shredded colby jack cheese. I serve them topped with chopped lettuce, tomato and scallions. We pull out sour cream and hot sauce for dipping. It’s a quick, easy and healthy meal for my girls on a night I don’t want to invest a lot of thinking into our meal. It’s a hit too!

Disclaimer: Though Kenmore provided me with the Kenmore Elite convection toaster oven, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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5 Responses to Chicken and cheese quesadillas & toaster oven LOVE!

  1. Michelle says:

    I knew you would LOVE having a toaster oven… they are a MUST for Florida!
    Michelle recently posted..yogurt pops

  2. I love quesadillas! I used to have a toaster oven and I loved using it! If space weren’t an issue, we would still have one. They really are awesome to have!
    Amber @ Tales of Domestica recently posted..DIY Thrifty Fence

  3. Our Homestead Kitchen Table says:

    Great idea with the quesadillas. They would be quick and easy for camping!

  4. I want one of those toaster ovens and yes, I love chicken and cheese quesadillas!
    Angie | Big Bear’s Wife recently posted..Chocolate Covered Caramels #SundaySupper

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