Fall….my favorite season & life lately

Fall pumpkinsFall is descending on us once again. Living in South Florida though means we won’t get a real taste of fall weather-wise for probably at least another 2-3 weeks at the earliest. It’s okay, I’m used to it and the good news is that we already had lower humidity this past weekend. It’s coming…it’s coming, and that’s good enough! In the meantime, I’ll enjoy this view……..

Palm trees

At this time, everything is apple this and pumpkin that, and like everyone else in South Florida I’m fighting the urge to bake and pull out my boots and scarves. 🙂 I made a pot of gumbo at the beginning of September, and the following week I made Zuppa Toscana. I also made a batch of gluten-free pumpkin muffins and two batches of gluten-free lemon cranberry biscotti around the same time. Since then I’ve been holding back rather well, instead concentrating on clean eating and shedding a couple pounds before the inevitable holiday blitz. Because once I get into holiday baking mode, there will be no holding me back.

Gluten-free pumpkin muffinsLemon cranberry biscotti
I do think I’m going to make more muffins this week…not sure which kind. I’ve also been fighting the urge to make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. While I’m off sugar, I eat a bowl of frozen cherries at night usually with a drizzle of coconut cream and a sprinkle of sea salt. It’s almost close enough to fool me into thinking I’m having ice cream. Okay without the creamy part, but nevertheless it fulfills the requirement of cold, sweet and maybe a tad creamy. You should definitely try it. It’s as simple as I make it sound, but maybe I’ll share it in a recipe post soon.

I’ve been schooling my girls (11th, 7th and 2nd), helping hubby out at the office, and trying to keep up with the whirlwind of social activities of two teen girls. Our oldest daughter got her first job back in August at our local library, and it’s really the perfect job for her…for us. She has great hours, great pay and a great schedule that she can really create for herself (20 hours a week). Carting her to and from work is also part of my day these days.

First day of work

Started up a Five in a Row co-op for my 2nd grader which has exceeded all our expectations and been a longtime dream of mine, and she’s also attending play practice for the annual Christmas play.

Leah's first day 2nd grade

Madeline lapbook

I also researched and ordered new curriculum for her 2nd grade year which she’s very excited about!

2nd grade curriculum

As for me…..we all started back to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), and this year my hubby is attending with the men. We are studying the book of Revelation this year. SO interesting!


I’ve been weight training at my mom’s fitness studio since last April (finally seeing some pay off!), and just started back to running last week. I’m excited that the heat will soon dissipate, and there will be a coolness in the air when I run.


Surprisingly, I’ve been able to read for fun this summer, and this week alone I just finished 2 books that I started a couple months ago. Finally feel like I’ve done some summer reading.


And also getting out kayaking….one of my very favorite ways to spend my time. Although unfortunately this picture was taken the first week of September before Labor Day. I need to get back out there! On the bright side, I’ve stashed some birthday money and am on the hunt for my very own kayak!


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