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Can a former vegetarian embrace a low carb lifestyle?

A funny thing happened to me last week. It had been awhile since I’d made brown rice, so I made a big pot of it. I was excited because I love brown rice, and I know it’s good for you. With brown rice … Continue reading


Jazzing up whole milk, plain yogurt!!

I find that more and more these days I’m eating yogurt as a snack.  I buy big containers of whole milk, plain yogurt from Whole Foods.  The brand I buy is Cascade Fresh…which always makes me think of Cascade dish … Continue reading


My really yummy breakfast!

I’ve really gotten into brown rice the last 5 years. I mean…hands down it really tastes a lot better than white rice, and SO much better for you!! When I was a child we used to eat “white” rice like … Continue reading

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