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My new favorite breakfast!

Hi guys!! Summer is just zipping right along, and I’m super excited about life right now! My family is doing great, and we are ready to celebrate July 4th with family again. Lately we’ve been spending most of our time … Continue reading


Egg Nog French Toast

Those of you doing low carb with me…just look away. This post isn’t for you. Take a peek next year when egg nog arrives on the shelves again. 😉 Now I was too excited about this discovery to wait all … Continue reading


Zucchini egg scramble & getting back on track with eating

Are you trying to get your eating back on track? I sure am! I’d say I’ve been about 65% successful, but still find myself caving into a sugary treat after dinner. That has got to stop!! And exercise…..pfft…..what’s that?


Egg Muffins ~ Secret Recipe Club

I’m back!! I’ll explain in my next post what’s going on here, and why I haven’t posted in awhile. Nothing bad…all good! I’ve just been super busy, and if you follow me on Facebook then you’re already in the know. … Continue reading


Cowboy eggs & a stroll down memory lane

Isn’t there something so pretty about a shiny yellow egg yolk? I don’t know about you, but pictures like this just make me happy! If you’re looking for something new for your kids in the morning, the cowboy egg may … Continue reading

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