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The end of an era {The Office} & pizza bites

We reached the end of an era a couple Thursdays ago! We were late to the ballgame when it came to watching “The Office,” but picked it up in season 4 I think. I’m pretty sure it was 2009, so … Continue reading


Roasting veggies

It’s been a great week…we went camping with a group of friends the weekend before last, and starting that Monday, April 8, my honey and I started a juice fast/juice feast. I can’t believe how amazing this green juice is, … Continue reading


Cream of mushroom soup

Wow…it’s been far too long since I’ve posted.  I’ve been keeping up with my food blog reading, but otherwise it’s been far too busy to actually sit down and write an inspired post.  Just getting back from vacation, unpacking, laundry, … Continue reading

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