Beach hiking…..and finding my way back to me!

Beach hiking I’ve had an amazing week fitness-wise! Finally! I also discovered my new favorite way to get in cardio, and it’s a really awesome workout too. After several months of just squeezing in 1-2 strength training workouts a week at my mom’s fitness studio haphazardly…in an around all the holiday festivities and carting the kids around to all their functions, I finally hit a brick wall mentally and emotionally.

The last 3 months have literally been non-stop! October was the month of house organization, de-cluttering and other big house projects. Which rolled right into November for my middle daughter’s 13th birthday which we hosted at our home. Which then led right into Thanksgiving, December, Christmas, traveling to see and visit with family and ringing in the new year. It was a whirlwind few months, and we had A LOT of fun…..however, I’m sure I’m not the only one who starts to crave routine and normalcy.

Beach hiking
I jumped right into taking down the tree, and doing a deep clean on the house. Unpacking from our trip, and getting the van cleaned out. Starting back to school with the girls, and getting back to the office. All good things, and I definitely feel accomplished. But I looked around and realized I’d fallen to the bottom of the list. Where was my fitness time? And what about my outdoor time that I crave each day? When had my runs stopped?

So when I hit that proverbial brick wall…when I looked around and realized that I was completely worn out, and that my nerves were starting to fray and wear too thin, I knew I needed to take action. I needed blue sky and nature time again on a daily basis, and I needed to get my body moving….walking, running whatever. Just needing to make that time a priority again instead of fitting it in around everything else in my week.

Beach hiking

And ahhh!!! At last!! It happened quite by accident. On Mondays, I take my 16 year old daughter to her Algebra II class. It’s only an hour, so there isn’t time to come all the way home. I headed over to the inlet to do a walk. I figured the time at the beach would do me a world of good, but that I could also fit in a walk which I also doubled as prayer time since we are currently on the Daniel Fast with our church. But instead of walking down near the water like I’ve done literally every time I’ve ever walked on the beach, I decided to walk up near the dunes.

It was chilly out ….55 degrees which in South Florida is COLD! And since I was keeping on my shoes anyway, I thought about what a great workout it is when you walk in sand when it isn’t hard packed. Hence the name, beach hiking….it may not be the same as hiking in the mountains, but the sandy dunes certainly mimic hiking rather than walking. I know I didn’t re-invent the wheel, and people have been doing this for centuries, but for this gal…it’s something new and exciting.

Well not only was a GREAT workout, my soul found rest, solitude, peace, refreshment, joy and as the week progressed….bit by bit, I felt myself again. I felt calm and centered, and I know God had answered my prayer. To just BE STILL!

beach hiking

I’m incredulous I’ve been there 7 out of the past 8 mornings! I’m sure this week will be the exception, and not the rule….but if I can get out here at least 4 – 5 mornings a week I’ll be happy. These beach hikes feel so special that it should really only be reserved for special occasions. I almost feel a bit of guilt creeping in. But here’s the deal….I live 5.8 miles from the beach. It’s only 10-11 minutes by car depending on traffic, and I’m there!! And not that I have to justify (I guess in my silly mind I do!), but that’s like a drive to the gym for most people.

I don’t care to work out at gyms anymore. Since I’ve had kids, time is so precious, and I like to double up my exercise with being outdoors and in nature. And I’m also blessed that I can do my strength training around the corner at my mom’s fitness studio (she’s a personal trainer!). So I can drive there…do a 2 mile beach hike and be home in an hours time. And my 15 1/2 minute per mile pace is pretty good…not too much slower than my running pace. I’ve told you before, I’m a slow runner! 😉

I’m challenging you to find something new to inspire you. It doesn’t have to be exercise or fitness related, but you definitely need to carve out some in nature and with creation. I’m constantly amazed at how new adventures await me around each corner! What are some of your new experiences?

beach hiking


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  1. Prazz says:

    That is awesome to see you jnnoiig in, and that God showed you the direction just in time! His timing is always perfect. I look forward to reading your postsGod Bless!

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