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Peach Pecan Pancake & a healthy living challenge!

One morning a couple weeks ago I was craving pancakes. Oh pancakes have such a pull, don’t they? And you know I’ve been trying to focus on more protein and less grains….low carb really seems to agree with my digestive … Continue reading


Zesty Greek Salad & a low carb update

Today I’m sharing a zesty Greek Salad….doesn’t this look refreshing? It is! But first an update on my low carb experiment. I find myself still amazed at this new way of eating. Again not much different from my clean eating, … Continue reading


Can a former vegetarian embrace a low carb lifestyle?

A funny thing happened to me last week. It had been awhile since I’d made brown rice, so I made a big pot of it. I was excited because I love brown rice, and I know it’s good for you. With brown rice … Continue reading


The plight of a food blogger and CLEAN eating

Lately I’ve noticed there’s a tug of war continually going on inside me. It’s really only been in the past few months, but it has taken me completely by surprise! Over the years, my husband and many of my friends … Continue reading

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