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Doughnut muffins, denial & letting go

Whew…what a last couple days it’s been. After 2 weeks away from home and my hubby, we’re finally safely back together as a family again! Love that!! What I didn’t love was getting a phone call from hubby 30 minutes before … Continue reading


I’m addicted to these easy flatbread pizzas!

A kitchen mistake sometimes proves to be a blessing in disguise. Don’t you love when that happens? Last month I set about to make pizza dough, but instead of using my pizza dough recipe I ended up making my bread dough … Continue reading


Lemon cranberry muffins & our favorite breakfast options

Well it’s hard to top last week’s post!! I have nothing funny or humorous to share about these muffins. I can however, fill you in on how things are going with the rabbit. Actually she’s a bunny…only a few months … Continue reading


It’s strawberry season in Florida…time for crepes!

Bare with me as I take another jaunt down memory lane…food and music seem to be intertwined with most of my childhood memories. My first experience with crepes happened during childhood…seaside, when I was living in Maryland. I’m not quite … Continue reading


Simply satisfying sweet potato pancakes

Happy New Year!! I could wax poetically about why this poor blog has been neglected for 6 months, but instead why don’t we find a use for some of those leftover sweet potatoes hanging around in your pantry! Sweet potatoes…..I … Continue reading

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