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Bruschetta Pizza with Fresh Mozzarella & Basil

I’ve been wanting to blog about my homemade pizza for a long time.  It’s a staple around here, and frankly since I started making it, my family really doesn’t want any other pizza.  Not braggin’……just sayin’…… The crust and sauce … Continue reading


Jazzing up whole milk, plain yogurt!!

I find that more and more these days I’m eating yogurt as a snack.  I buy big containers of whole milk, plain yogurt from Whole Foods.  The brand I buy is Cascade Fresh…which always makes me think of Cascade dish … Continue reading


Potatoes & Eggs…quick, easy, good

Last night we had one of our breakfast favorites for dinner. Ken is usually not a breakfast for dinner kind of guy, but the girls and I LOVE this dish. I was in the mood for it, and I knew … Continue reading

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