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Zesty Greek Salad & a low carb update

Today I’m sharing a zesty Greek Salad….doesn’t this look refreshing? It is! But first an update on my low carb experiment. I find myself still amazed at this new way of eating. Again not much different from my clean eating, … Continue reading


Homemade granola…easy, addictive, affordable!

For years I’ve had a love affair with granola…so crunchy, so sweet, so GOOD. It’s one of the best breakfast cereals out there, in my opinion. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive cereals on the market. Usually close … Continue reading


Jazzing up whole milk, plain yogurt!!

I find that more and more these days I’m eating yogurt as a snack.  I buy big containers of whole milk, plain yogurt from Whole Foods.  The brand I buy is Cascade Fresh…which always makes me think of Cascade dish … Continue reading

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