Rediscovering grapefruit ~ my new treat

I have rediscovered grapefruit! As a kid we used to eat it cut in half and then each half sectioned so you could eat it with a special grapefruit spoon. Of course we always had sugar sprinkled over the top to help sweeten it up a bit.

Well I wanted an idea to sweeten it without using sugar, so I googled and found this website Go Florida Grapefruit

All kinds of neat ideas of cooking with grapefruit. Have you ever done anything neat with it?

So this is where I got the idea to sweeten it with PURE MAPLE SYRUP! Which happens to be my all-time favorite sweetener anyway.

I take 1/2 grapefruit & drizzle it with about 1/4 tsp maple syrup. Make sure to spread it in well so it oozes down into the grapefruit. Slice each section gently with a knife. Then I eat each section with a spoon making sure to get all the delicious juices! YUM!

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One Response to Rediscovering grapefruit ~ my new treat

  1. Liren says:

    I love grapefruit, and remember craving it when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had a grapefruit each day back then! I never thought to sweeten it, but if I were, I might try agave nectar!

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