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I have several other personal blogs about my family and children, but I had yet to really discover the world and whole community of FOOD BLOGGING! Wow…how did I miss this revolution? I’m still amazed!

I love good food. Who doesn’t? And I love creating things in my kitchen. If I’m in the mood for a certain taste, or I get an idea for something for dinner that I’ve never made before…I turn to the internet & the wealth of information there. I always look up at least 3-4 recipes for the given item & then I “tweak” it and make it my own!


I don’t think it is humanly possible for me to FOLLOW a recipe to the letter.


And over the last few years, I’ve found that I’ve been meeting people more like myself. That enjoy cooking & some of them even enjoy creating as well. But I had no idea what was taking place in the food blogging community….which is strange since I’m “at home” online & communicating with others online.

So I’ve stumbled upon Food Blogs just in the past few months. I’ve been drawn to reading them. I love the photography & only hope I can take pictures that great someday. I love to travel…so I find myself traveling away from the “here and now” a bit at a time as I immerse myself in someone else’s kitchen & reality for awhile. It’s better than any book I’ve read!

Some of these writers are very talented at making you feel that you are right there. That you are experiencing things with them, and that you KNOW them. I find myself wanting to be able to comment on their blogs….that I’ve tried a recipe or gotten a great idea from. The problem I find is that I don’t have a “food” blog. How can I reach out to these others that share my interests and passions without an outlet to share mine in?

Then I realized I had a true dilemma. I love to cook, I love to create, I love to bake, I love to eat. I love all things food related. I need a place to organize my recipes & have needed that for a LONG time! But I’m also a busy mom of 3 girls. I homeschool…try to be a good wife to my hubby, and in general have too many hats to wear already.

How in the world would I keep up with a food blog? Not to mention…there are SO many out there already. What could I possibly contribute? To completely add to the crazyness…I am now working part-time. But this feeds right into my “food passions.” I have the opportunity to wait tables at a wonderful fine dining establishment in my area 2 nights a week.

Great Italian food, family-owned, beautiful restaurant, wonderful ambiance. The perfect place to share my enthusiasm with others that share my passions. A little trip to Italy while not really leaving my backyard. I’m excited at all I am learning while working there, and it will definitely help me learn more about fine wines. Wines…another new interest.

Obviously since you’re reading this (hopefully), I’ve delved into the food blog realm. It is my hope that I will meet many like-minded friends along the way. It’s the start of an exciting journey for me & I hope you’ll stop by my “Creative Kitchen” often.

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5 Responses to A bit about me

  1. Kimberly says:

    Hi Denise! I am reaching out to you in the hopes you would be interested in a blogging opportunity. Our company is working to promote a campaign catering to moms who want to serve their children healthy snacks, especially this Halloween. We created games on Facebook, Twitter and the Web to get the word out, and I was hoping you would help us. We would, of course, reciprocate. 🙂 Please contact me at klaughlin (at) jbchicago.com if I piqued your interest!

  2. Lydia says:

    Hey–linked here from foodbuzz. I, too, have another blog, though far fewer real-world obligations, but I would love to try out a food blog, too. As it is now I'm just thinking of making my other blog an "everything blog". There are so many amazing ones out there as it is (have you seen http://www.101cookbooks.com?) and I tend to love reading recipes more than cooking them, as weird as that might be, so committing to an entirely food-focused blog might be a little intimidating for me. I'm going to nutrition school next year, so I hope to develop more and more of an aptitude for cooking, as well as the desire to do it. Good luck with your food blog!

  3. Wenchie says:

    Hey there, I got here via foodbuzz and while I've got a great deal fewer real-world obligations I pretty much follow recipes in exactly the same way you do!

    I'm diving into the world of food blogging at the moment – I've been online a long time, but food is new, despite a lifetime love of cooking – I look forward to exploring your kitchen a wee bit!

  4. Jackie Garvin says:

    Hi there! You visited by blog (http://syrupandbiscuits.wordpress.com) and left a message. I'm in the Tampa area. You indicated you were on the east coast. Let's keep in touch.

  5. Eleanor Hoh says:

    Denise, you're one SUPERMOM and love what you're doing esp. not following a recipe! I better not whine about juggling what I do after reading all you do! You certainly have a wonderful following and I hope I can visit more often.

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