Vacation time

Sorry it’s been a while…….I’ve been a bit distracted with this…..

Blue Ridge Parkway driving with my girls, mom, brother & his wife near Waynesville, NC
south of Asheville.

Hiking to Devil’s Courthouse for an amazing view 5,720 feet up.

 Checking out the Farmer’s Market in downtown Sylva, NC.   The historic Jackson County Courthouse is in the background.  The girls climbed all 107 steps later that day.

enjoying this view from my grandparent’s mountain house near Burnsville & Spruce Pine, NC

and so much more!  My new camera seems to only take great food shots.  Every other setting turns out blurry, so I’ve been taking pictures via my mom’s camera & my daughter’s camera.  My sister in law has a new camera and let me upload her memory card as well. But for me… great as all that was, it is still a bummer since that means looking back I missed a lot of great landscape opportunities and other pics I see that I wasn’t able to take.

We cruised into Winston-Salem, NC yesterday afternoon. I consider this “home” as I moved here at 10 yrs of age and lived here until I went away in the Navy at age 19. I haven’t been here in almost 3 yrs so it’s exciting to be “back home” visiting friends, family and the old sights.  We’re staying with friends, and were welcomed home with a SOUP FEST last night.  Four delicious kinds of homemade soups. YUMMY!!!

Last night I sampled the loaded baked potato, Sante Fe & ham lentil.  All were so good, but for me the potato won out. Dessert was brownies and ice cream!  I love a good fudgy brownie!!

Foodwise, I’ve been having amazing eats!!  I brought a cooler with REAL FOOD.  It’s been so nice eating what I am in the mood for without having to get to the store.  I also brought homemade muffins and cookies.  I have a couple restaurants I want to blog about when I get a chance.  As always so much to share and so little time. 

Last bit of EXCITING NEWS:  I am now a part of FOODIE BLOGROLL!!  I had no idea the exposure this would give my little old food blog!  Since Monday night I have been visited from all over the world…probably about 200 hits so far!  Many states in the U.S., but also countries like Malaysia, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Singapore, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Kuwait and India.  These are only countries listed in the last 100 visits. 

Some new blogger comments, and I can’t wait to take the time to check out their blogs!  So I’d love to hear from more of you that have been checking out Creative Kitchen, that way I can “meet” you and check your blog out too!Not sure if I’ll get another post up while on vacation, but I’ll be back in town late Saturday night.  We’ve been having a blast, and my 20 month old toddler has been a very good traveler!  Yay!  That means I’ve also been getting sleep at night. 


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16 Responses to Vacation time

  1. kd says:

    I just joined foodie blogroll too. I've been reading your's for a while. I love NC – RDU was home for about 7 years, and still very much is. I just went to the asheville area a few weeks ago. going for my bday in January! Its a great state!

  2. ashley (sweet & natural) says:

    Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I've never used honey granules, but am totally intrigued now.

    Also, I LOVE Asheville! My bf's parents live there, and I had a great time visiting earlier this year. Talk about healthy food heaven!

  3. ashley (sweet & natural) says:

    Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I've never used honey granules, but am totally intrigued now.

    Also, I LOVE Asheville! My bf's parents live there, and I had a great time visiting earlier this year. Talk about healthy food heaven!

  4. frockandfork says:

    Congratulations! I have joined foodie blogroll recently too – it's a great way for increasing the hits and learning about other food enthusiasts:)
    ps: thanks for dropping a nice comment 🙂 I already responded to your question. Cheers!

  5. Ms Bibi says:

    Nice picture. I feel like a loaded baked potato right now…must make some for dinner.

    Thanks for the tips about the foodie blogroll.

  6. Kitchen Butterfly says:

    Hope you're enjoying your holidays! Can you get your 20 month old to speak to my 28 month old who insists on coming to our bed every other night 🙂 Take care

  7. Simply Life says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous view!

  8. Pam says:

    Hubby and I love NC…have a great time!

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  11. Congrats on foodie blogroll and a wonderful vaca!
    Georgia Pellegrini recently posted..“Asparagus Cheese Tarts”

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  15. Wayne Jordan says:

    Congrats on being included on the foodie blogroll. Maybe I’ll get lucky and make a connection like that with my blog!

    I love your photos; what camera are you using? I’m in the market for a new one and am open to suggestions.

    I live off the Parkway at mile marker 184 in Meadows of Dan, VA, not too far from your home in Winston.

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