Mexican omelette ~ a new favorite breakfast!!

After years and years of a grain-based breakfast (mainly oatmeal), I find myself in new territory…leaning heavily toward protein. It’s been a good change, but one I didn’t see coming. I am a HUGE creature of habit when it comes to food (or at least I was). We’re talking oatmeal daily, even on HOT summer days!! Yeah, habit. But now my taste buds seem to be constantly on the lookout for new tastes and flavors, and that’s exciting to me!

Eggs are such nutritional powerhouses, and I know for years they underwent such scrutiny and developed a bad reputation, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Remember when egg white omelettes were all the rage? I even took part in that travesty. But hold onto that yolk, that’s the brain-food of the egg!! That’s where the majority of the nutrients are…eggs are rich in choline (which benefits the heart & brain), iron, vitamins A, B6, B12, folate, and selenium. These nutrients are especially important if you are pregnant, nursing or a growing child.

If you’re interested in learning more about all the health benefits of eating eggs, check this out.  Remember it’s also very important what type of eggs you buy and where you buy them. Last year I shared with you that we have a farm fresh egg connection, something I don’t take for granted. I know I’m BLESSED that a good friend of mine raises happy, healthy chickens…that roam, and dig, and scratch! Their eggs are like little treasure troves. Eggs the way God intended!!

Chicken collage1_thumb[4]


Perfecting an omelette is something that I’ve developed over the years. It’s not something I tried to do frequently before my 30’s because I really didn’t think I liked omelettes. I preferred my fillings scrambled in with my eggs. Then one morning, on a romantic weekend getaway to Hutchinson Island with my husband (actually I was 7 months pregnant with daughter #2…so how romantic could it be? But it was a last hurrah before newborn and nursing days began again!!), we hurried wandered down to breakfast (at whatever time we wanted to, thank you very much!!). They had an omelette station as part of our breakfast, and watching the omelette being made was an eye-opener. The small skillet was swimming with melted butter, and hot before the eggs were added. I tucked the tip away for future use.

In preparation for this post, I googled some things…the proper spelling: omelette or omelet? Curious about others’ techniques when making an omelette. There is a lot of information all over the web to assist you, if needed (even videos on You Tube). Apparently there are some 15 pages in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook to outline the proper way to make an omelette. Of course, after watching Julia Child make an omelette on You Tube, it’s obvious that the French omelette technique is quite different from what we do in America. It’s an entertaining little video!


Mexican Omelette ~ A new favorite breakfast

2 free-range eggs, rinse well before cracking
Splash cream, half & half, whole milk or water
2-3 Tbsp organic black beans (I use canned)
1 tsp minced vidalia onion
1 Campari tomato, seeded & diced
1/2 tsp cumin
2-3 Tbsp shredded mexican cheese
sea salt & pepper to taste

Pull out all ingredients, and prep them. In a small skillet begin heating 1 Tbsp butter or a bit less. I set my stove dial between 6 – 7. While the pan is heating up, crack eggs into a small metal bowl. Add milk, cream or water…just a small splash. Add in salt and pepper to taste. Beat eggs till light and fluffy.

Pour eggs into a fairly hot skillet (the butter will be bubbly and possibly slightly brown), and reduce heat to medium (about 5 on my stove dial). HINT ~ If the eggs start getting too done(set) before you are ready to add the fillings, I usually just remove the skillet off the heat for a moment.

Immediately start to spread black beans along the top of the eggs. Then sprinkle in cumin, onion, tomato and cheese. As the eggs start to set on the bottom, flip one side of eggs completely in half to other side (like a taco). Lower the heat a bit more. After a few more minutes, you flip to the other side.

The technique for omelettes (like crepes) just needs a bit of practice. I remove the omelette when the middle seems to be set (not runny). Many times, I fold my omelette with two folds (pictured above) in which you will fold 1/3 of the omelette in toward center, and then roll omelette onto remaining half.

Serving size tips ~ I used a small skilled with 2 eggs which usually serves one. When making for my girls, I used the medium skillet, up the eggs to 4 and then cut it in half when done (serves two).

*Later this week I’ll share part 2 of this post which will answer the question: Where can I find free-range eggs locally?

QUESTIONS  ~ What type of eggs do you buy? Have you made the switch to better quality eggs recently? Do you have a local free-range egg source already?

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42 Responses to Mexican omelette ~ a new favorite breakfast!!

  1. SKIP TO MALOU says:

    your pictures of chicken reminds me of our farm in the couontryside. I could almost here them haha.
    WE love omellettes it's quick and easy to make even during the weekdays. Would love to include this in my repertoire.


  2. Rebecca from Chow and Chatter says:

    great omelet love the addition of the black beans

  3. Jan at Jewelry4Change says:

    This looks fantastic. I printed the recipe to try this weekend. 🙂

    If you post a photo of your breakfast on Kellogg's website they will donate $ to feed hungry children. Just thought I'd share since this would be perfect.

    You can see details on my blog, if you're interested:

    Have a great day!

  4. Pamela @ Seeds of Nutrition says:

    Thanks for sharing this on Real Food Wednesday's Denise. I love the Mexican flavor you gave it.And YES Julia has lots of pages on making an omelette. I plan on one day going through her techniques. Have learned a few things already from her books. I linked up today with an older post of mine on mayonnaise.

  5. Judee@glutenfreeA-Z Blog says:

    What a great omelette! Black beans and cumin are my favorites. I might make it tomorrow..

  6. Sense of Home says:

    I'm making eats tomorrow night and this will be the recipe I use, thank you. Farm fresh eggs are so full of flavor, we love them.


  7. Ms Bibi says:

    That looks so delicious, Denise. I will have to make this for my boys on the weekend. They love anything Mexican.

    Thank you for sharing it on Foodie Wednesday. I hope you can come next week and link up another great recipe

    ~Bibi ~

  8. Eleanor Hoh says:

    Agree about eating protein for breakfast, I have low sugar problems and need protein to keep my energy UP! I make my omelet/dinners in my cast iron wok, are your skillets cast iron? I think it's super you are starting your kids eating whole foods at an early age. I've just started getting invited to teach kids cooking in a wok and love it. They are so much more attentive than adults, ha, ha!

  9. Rebecca says:

    I’m a new follower from Friendly Friday!

    This looks like a delicious breakfast that I'm going to try soon. Thanks for the idea!

    Please stop by and check out my blog, Becca's Perspective
    when you get a chance.

    Becca's Perspective

  10. Rebecca from Chow and Chatter says:

    Denise I paid a developer was a big process and the link to the radio show is on the top right hand side of blog, they are all there as podcasts 🙂

  11. Marissa says:

    we love eggs in our house! And that looks YUMMY 🙂 Yes, so true about poor 'ol eggs, they were SO terrifying for SO many people but now I think they're makin' a comeback!
    Cute blog and GREAT recipes!

    NOw following from friday hop! Hope you'll stop by and visit my blogs too!

  12. Wife on the Roller Coaster says:

    Yum, that looks delish!

    I'm a new follower from the Friendly Friday blog hop. Congrats on being featured! Nice to meet you!

    Wife on the Roller Coaster

  13. Not Just Another Mother Blogger! says:

    Yummy! Good thing it's breakfast time here!

  14. Praises from a Wife and Mommy! says:

    Looks good, wish you could make me this right now for breakfast! 🙂

  15. Tanyia says:

    That looks great! I am your newest follower from Friendly Friday, I would love for you to follow me as well! 🙂

  16. Amateur Mommy says:


    newest follower 🙂

    i would love a follow back

  17. Missy @ My Life Ain't Always Beautiful says:

    I love your blog. I am adding you to my google reader & I also added your Facebook page as a favorite on mine. Have a great weekend. 😉

  18. Melanie Casey says:

    I am a new follower. Please follow me back at

  19. Elle says:

    Great post. I love eggs and we raise our own chickens. They are not free ranging right now as some got killed last year and we are planning to up a fence in a few weeks and then let them back out. The fence won't keep them in if they insist on going out..but will help. After reading this I'm thinking about makeing an omelet myself! Thanks.

    Following Simple Wyrdings

  20. Miz Helen says:

    Hi Denise,
    I just love the photo's of all you chickens and your precious baby, wonderful memories…
    Your Mexican Omelette looks awesome. I just love the combination in your recipe. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and please come back!

  21. FoodTripFriday says:

    It must be very yummy since you used fresh egg.
    Thanks for linking with us.

  22. Honestly Good Food says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you like it! I'm so GLAD you gave all the nutritional information of the egg yolks, I mean, sure do away with them if you have cholesterol issues, but when you do you also have to realize that's the most nutritious part! Moderation, moderation, moderation!

  23. darly says:

    Happy foodtripping, hope you check out my entry too
    I Love Darly!

  24. Cielo says:

    Visiting here from FTF #36

    This post makes me hungry at 1:09 AM

    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  25. michelle says:

    Ooo, Denise! Yum! I'm having so much fun reading through all your goodies! 🙂 Now- the egg question…. don't tell but I am going to be getting some hen chicks over the summer. There is a whole society that keeps backyard hens. There's even a "stealth" chicken coop that looks like garbage cans. 🙂 I'm going to try and have a small (4) flock of hens for eggs and bug control. Wish me luck! Soooo excited about out little getaway! OMGSH.. see I've written a paragraph already. Oh boy. 🙂

  26. Debbie says:

    I had the best egg white omelet this weekend and am now on a quest to duplicate it at home. Wish I could have my own chickens, but…..not going to happen. Eggs have been taking a bad rap for a bit….glad to see you posting this great information. Thanks for linking up to What's On the Menu Wednesday at Dining With Debbie. Please come again soon.

  27. Under My Fingertips says:

    That's a healthy omelette! With farm-grown chickens, the eggs are super nutritious! 🙂

    FTF #21.

  28. Cheerful says:

    great omelette, something new to try and i am sure my kids will love this! 🙂

    PinayMum – Mommy's Life Around…

  29. Kristin says:

    yum! i think i'm going to go make this right now! my tummy's a-rumblin!

    i'm hosting a blog hop called mangia mondays & i would love you to join!

  30. Miriam says:

    What cute chickens! And you omelet turned out beautifully :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  31. a moderate life says:

    Hi Denise! Super Yummy omlette there! I too am lucky because I can purchase eggs from a number of pastured sources. I belong to an Amish raw dairy club and they also provide soy free pastured eggs which really are the ultimate! Thanks so much for sharing with us on the hearth and soul hop. I also added you to the twitter list for the hop which means that all your daily posts will be shared with everyone in the hearth and soul daily newspaper on twitter so check your tweet feed for updates. All the Best! Alex

  32. Summer says:

    These look so good! I have never been able to master an omelette! They scare me:) Yours looks perfect!

    You will have to let me know how your Parmesan past turned out! Love your blog! You have tons of good stuff I can't wait to try!

  33. Sandra says:

    Oooh yum, looks so good 🙂

  34. Roz from 'la bella vita' says:

    I just love Omelettes AND Mexican food, so this has just GOT to be yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe last week on Fresh Clean and Pure/Seasonal Saturday! Hope you can link up again this weekend!

  35. Christina says:

    Yum I love Mexican omelettes, scrambled eggs, burritos, and fritattas. I think the flavors go so well with breakfast and eggs! We get our eggs fresh from my fiance's mom every week.

  36. Linda Makiej says:

    This looks so good and delicious!! Cannot wait to try them!
    Your blog is wonderful!!

  37. Debbie says:

    I spent part of the day reading about P. Allen Smith's heritage breeds. Wish I had the space to raise my own. Thanks for linking up:)

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