Getting back into the swing of things and Spring!!

Sorry for such a long delay in posting! After our 10 day Disney trip, it’s taken a bit of time to get unpacked, settled in and get things back to normal.  Lately I’ve been enjoying the food blogging realm, but reading and commenting instead of writing.  And searching out new blogs to read….there is just SO much out there to read and get inspired from!! 

I’ve been cooking, taking pictures and eating, but carving out the time to write a post has been eluding me.  Does anyone else feel that certain conditions must be in place for creativity to flow in the writing arena?  I am finding that while not enjoyable to be interrupted, I can definitely read food blogs with kids in and out and underfoot.  I can even cook under those conditions, though I LOVE quiet so I can think straight (since I am frequently making things up as I go along…that requires concentration). 

BUT I cannot write with those distractions.  For me…I have to have a quiet, uninterrupted time.  That, in and of itself, is a HUGE feat.  I find that I also must not be tired, as in sleepy.  Upon awakening, I am groggy for quite awhile…a morning person I am NOT…I need a good cup of hot tea, or two or three!!  And though I am more alert and awake at night, I find that I’d rather relax, browse my favorite blogs, comment here and there….or spend time with hubby, or spend time in the kitchen.  I find that I tend to want to write a post all in one sitting….first draft, editing, adding in pictures and publishing.  As you know, that can take awhile.  Food pictures need to be taken, uploaded and ready to go as well. 

So as you can see….in developing my blogging style, I am finding that I need to write during the day, when it is QUIET (hard in a house with three children…one a toddler), when I won’t be interrupted since then I lose track of what I was trying to say.  I need at least an hour.  I need it to be a time when there is no pressure…no one waiting for me to go somewhere (which is frequently the case on the weekend). 

It’s funny….food blogging can really fit in with a mom’s lifestyle in so many ways (we’re cooking, we have people to feed), and not in others.  But I LOVE it!  I wish I’d done it a LONG time ago.  I really like having others to share my passions with.  Before my only outlet was bringing a dish to a potluck, gatherings with friends.  And while I’d get comments and mostly rave reviews, it was also unsatisfying because I love to talk about food with others…and not everyone feels the same way.  After 5 minutes, time for a new topic whereas I could go on and on.  Especially if I put a lot into making that dish.  I know you all understand that!

I think it is fair and realistic to say that I will aim for one quality post a week, and there will be times I fall short of that.  Then again, there will be times I have more than one post in a week.  I guess it will all depend on other happenings in my life at the moment, and how the various pieces of the blogging and writing puzzle fit into place. 

I’d love to hear others writing dilemmas…especially if you are a mom with young children, or many children, a busy mom or a mom with a full-time job.  How do you fit it all in?  What does your writing style tend to be?  When and where do you prefer to write?  How does food blogging fit in with your lifestyle?

One more tidbit….I sat down to write this post about the fresh salads I’ve been enjoying for my lunch the past two weeks.  I have a balsamic vinaigrette recipe to share with you.  As you can see….something completely different came about. 😉  You’ll have to stay tuned for that post…it will be next and definitely within the next day or so.  I have most of the components in place! 

And since long-awaited Spring is right around the corner, I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival to inspire you.

“Facebook recommends” and “shares” are MUCH appreciated! Thanks!!
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17 Responses to Getting back into the swing of things and Spring!!

  1. Jessica says:

    It's really challenging to find the time to write and post regularly. I aim for one post a week as well, and even that can sometimes be a challenge. Some will tell you that you need to post several times a week, but I think that's a feat that few of us can manage! I think that part of my problem is that I maybe over-think all of my blog posts. I take too much time editing and re-editing, and playing around with my photographs, and obsessing about whether or not I should post. In some ways, these are good habits for a writer to have, but in the blogging world, one needs to be able to whip up concise and interesting posts on a regular basis. I don't have kids, but I have a job and I'm a culinary student, so my schedule is busy. I love blogging about food, though, and I find that the more I work at it, the more time I am able to make for it.

  2. Simply Luxurious says:

    I hope you find some quiet time in the near future. I enjoy your voice and your honesty. And thoroughly enjoy your tweets!

  3. Charlene says:

    I love blogging and sharing ideas about food too! I don't have kids but sometimes just working full-time, cooking, doing househould chores, going out and seeing friends means I don't have as much time as I would like! I always blog more when I am off work!

  4. Paula says:

    Denise, I am right there with you! I definitely need uninterrupted time for writing and seem to take a long time to get a post to say exactly what I want it to say. And when there's conversation going on all around me, I just can't seem to concentrate. I manage to get one post up a week these days on Tuesdays (sometimes it's even Wednesday) and that is all. I would love to write a blog post at least three days a week but I can't seem to get it done at this point.

    I do enjoy your blog and am glad you're here! Love your pics. Looks like you had a wonderful time! :o)

  5. Cindy says:

    My blogging goal is also one post per week for each of my 2 blogs, one food, one art. I find that it really is challenging to keep up with this along with everything else, but I enjoy it too.

    Love the D-land pics! Looking forward to that balsamic recipe.

  6. Holly Keegan says:

    I've only been blogging a little over a month. The biggest challenge I have found in keeping up with it is that it takes me HOURS to compose, edit and finalize a post. The story has to be right, the photos clear and the recipe a winner. Those things don't always come together. If I had children… forget it! You're like a super mom to pull it off! 🙂

  7. Denise says:

    Thanks for chiming in everyone!!

    Jessica – I'm the same way. It's probably a good thing though…I enjoy "crafting" a post. But when it's whipped up in haste…I usually don't feel good about it.

    Simply Luxurious – THANKS!! You made my day! I love reading your blog…it's one of my favorites!

    Charlene – I know what you life was very full before I had kids, and that was before technology really went full force. I can't imagine fitting it all in. Having kids just adds another piece to the equation. Love spending time w/ them, family time, time w/ hubby & time alone…so many variations. Then you've got household stuff, budget/bill stuff, errands, appts, work, church. And of course I'd love to fit in exercise & hobbies (like food blogging). Thank goodness cooking is pretty much mandatory…and I enjoy it. Just hard to add in all the other components blogging about it. In some ways, I would love to just get all my recipes up here to make it easy for me (organization wise), but I do love crafting the perfect post.

    Paula – Thanks! I enjoy your blog too. I don't think you should pressure yourself to blog more than once a week. It should be fun & fit in w/ your schedule!! 😉

    Cindy – Thanks…I hope to get it up in the next couple days.

    Holly – THANKS!! You are sweet! I think it's neat meeting people from all walks of life. I normally hang out in certain communities (online) like "homeschool moms" "facebook friends" etc. It's neat to meet people from all over that share the passion for food and food blogging. Did you discover the food blog forum that Jaden of Steamy Kitchen just co-created? It's great!!

  8. Mary says:

    Denise, your photos are lovely as is your blog. I'll be back as often. Have a wonderful day…Mary

  9. Susan-CookingtoSave says:

    I totally agree, you definitely have to be in the right mindset to blog ! Getting back in the swing of things after vacation is not easy. Your pictures of Epcot are beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  10. Jules says:

    I too have to have quiet time to write, but I usually find that new age music puts me in the mood. I look forward to all your new recipes, particularly the viniagrette recipe. Thank you for the photos of Disney too, I love that place!


  11. JG says:

    I also need quiet time when writing my post. Once every 5 – 7 days is what I aim for. However, it does not always work out…our sunny warm days have totally distracted me lately. I'm learning Springfield history for a new tour at our local museum, so I've been really distracted and need to get back with a new post.

    Your Disney photos are neat!

  12. Bridgett says:

    Gorgeous photos! It has been so long since I have gone to Disney World. I can imagine you enjoyed yourself tremendously.

  13. Natasha says:

    I have just had a quick catch up of some of your previous posts Denise. I love the Disney pictures! We stayed at the yacht club a few years ago and we LOVEd EpCOT!!!

    I hear you about time for blogging too! Thank goodness my kids are older and I have some time during the day to write my own blog. I don't know if I would have been able to post much with little ones to look after but the thing is this-if you love blogging/cooking, then make time for yourself to indulge in something that makes you feel happy and empowered…even if you only do for 20 minutes (or 5 minutes a day hee hee!)…if you are happy then everyone else in your family will feel the postive effects of your happiness!

    Love your salad recipe too!

    Blessings and best wishes for a beautiful Easter,

  14. Simply Life says:

    Gorgeous pictures – looks like such a fun time!

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