My kayak experience & a challenge for moms

You all remember I told you I went kayaking with my brother this past weekend, right? Kayaking is something that always sounded so rugged and outdoorsy to me….actually, it sounded hard! Don’t you think? When I was young…I was a tomboy, and an outdoorsy girl. I spent my summers with my cousins on my grandparent’s farm.

Spending all day barefoot, roaming the mountainside of West Virginia, climbing trees, taking care of farm animals, harvesting vegetables, blackberry picking, pumping any water we needed from the well & and helping my grandpa with all kinds of outdoor tasks was the norm. Back at home I’d spend hours on my bike zipping around the neighborhood till the sky had long turned black. Not a care in the world…….those were the days………

Then I hit my teens….you remember those days? You want your hair just right, and to keep your make up from sliding off your face in the humidity… you become an “indoor girl.” At least for the most part I did. I traded my bike in for roller skates and the fresh air for a/c. Sure there were occasional summer days spent at the pool, but it was mainly about coordinating schedules with my BFF to spend as much time with each other and “hang out.”

In my 20’s, I spent plenty of time at the beach or rollerblading, and though I did a 4-year stint in the Navy I still didn’t consider myself an “outdoorsy girl” again. Not until after I became a mom and hit my 30’s. In my 30’s, I got comfortable in my own skin again. I wanted to be outside as much as possible. The beach, boating, running, biking, camping….you name it….as long as I was outside under the blue sky with the trees blowing in the breeze or the nighttime stars. I fell in love again with nature!

So it only seemed natural that last year to ring in my big “4-0 birthday” I’d want to try something new…something I’d always wanted to do in the great outdoors. Kayaking. My hubby and I spent the morning of my 40th birthday in a tandem kayak and I fell in LOVE. I could do this every weekend! Well life happens…..and the holidays….and the weather started getting chilly…even in South Florida. So this past weekend was my first opportunity to get back out on the water….this time in a single kayak for the first time.

I thought it’d be much harder, but was surprised at how effortless it seemed compared to canoeing. Or maybe it’s because after having 3 children….we moms just don’t notice a little extra effort exerted in order to have peace, tranquility and relaxation. We were only out there for 2 hours, but I could have easily stayed out for 4-5. If you haven’t tried it….you must! And tell me what you think.

So I’m making a promise to myself…..I’m getting back out there on the water at least 2-3 more times (hopefully more) before November rolls around. Fortunately for me living in South Florida…the weather is on my side. Aug, Sept and Oct are our hottest months. And between my hubby, my girls, my mom and a whole crew of girlfriends….I think I’ll have plenty willing to join me.

My challenge to you? Get out there and do something new….something you’ve been wanting to try for awhile. Stretch yourself…..get out of your comfort zone a bit. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll rediscover “youth” again….a taste of your childhood. And that’s something hard to come by.

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23 Responses to My kayak experience & a challenge for moms

  1. Tracy Wood says:

    I am so glad you enjoyed kayaking! I love it also – even have my own kayak. Some of my best days have been kayaking with my hubby, having a picnic on a secluded beach, and then enjoying that exhausted feeling!

  2. Viveca says:

    I’m looking forward to my next kayaking adventure! I’m also anticipating our kayaking together for the first time!

  3. I LOVE kayaking! I ‘d love to all get together and do it. As far as something new…. hmmm…when school starts I may take up something new, but I can’t think of what right now.
    michelle @ The Village Cook recently posted..maple peanut fudge

  4. Karla says:

    Good for you! It is always good to get out of our comfort zones. I’ve started stand-up paddle boarding (a cross between surfing and kayaking) but I don’t get to go out very often. When I do, it is great!

    BTW, thanks for your comment awhile back. I keep meaning to send you a reply but then I get caught up in other things.
    Karla recently posted..Frozen Elvis

  5. Alison Lewis says:

    Too fun! I did this is St. Thomas and recently in Florida. I loved it. Love this post and the message 🙂

  6. Joanna says:

    I’m glad that you found something you really enjoy doing! That is awesome! I love your challenge too. Personally, I’ve never been kayaking, but one of my roommates in high school used to go and she loved it.
    Joanna recently posted..39 Weeks Pregnant

  7. Your so brave! I am scared to death of water… we have a cabin cruiser I wont on and a kayak, hubby goes without me. As of a canoe I was 16 when we were out at midnight sneaking a smoke when it tipped over in 100 ft of water and I cant swim.. stupied kid stories … oh well it stayed with me forever. I can just imagine that happening again with my panic of water.
    I admire you for do that… as I live in Florida surrounded by water and love cruises go figure! LOL oh well I enjoy reading about these types of adventures It reminded me of this long tale. you can delete it if you want … I just thought I would share with you 🙂 thanks for the memories… its fun to go back!
    claudia @whats cookin italian cuisine recently posted..Chocolate on Chocolate Boston Cream Pie with Rum Ganache Glaze

  8. Sherri says:

    Hi! Just wondering where these pictures were made… I live in Cape Coral, and these sure look like they could’ve been made around there near Ft Myers! we’ve been wanting to get out and do this, too!
    Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  9. Abby says:

    I grew up in Florida — love these pics!
    Abby recently posted..Do You Recognize This Man?

  10. Liberty says:

    great upper body/ab workout – kind of a relaxing way to exercise!
    could fuel up with one of these beforehand:
    Liberty recently posted..Lip smacking lemon bars {for breakfast}

  11. kellypea says:

    You had me going down memory lane with this post and all the summers I spent outside — even though I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself and outside person. My mother kicked us out because she didn’t want us to mess up her house or bring our friends in. : / I LOVE kayaking. Haven’t been in a couple of years, though. You’re lucky to have warm water for it. We’ve got the weather, but our ocean is brrr!
    kellypea recently posted..Easy Breakfast Scramble Recipe

  12. marla says:

    You have inspired me to get out there & go kayaking!

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  15. Brad says:

    Singer Island ?

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